5060 x Kings Must Rise

Posted by Bertrand C on


M56 x KMR

One of our highly anticipated collaborative efforts in conjunction with Machine 56.

The Midnight Kid (Type 2) Green Ops Jacket places rebel force without warrant. Formed for those willing to conduct high-risk missions into enemy territory. Recruited cyber Shinobi with individual character may use this uniform to exemplify skill and rank. Suit is interchangeably worn to fight the elements of nature. Also provides protection from the coldest days.

This collaboration project is referenced and inspired from the original Green Midnight Kids Pullover by Kings Must Rise (Copyright © 2017 Kings Must Rise) and is heavily influenced in this revision by 5060 (Copyright © 2017 Machine 56)

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    Edna Degotardi on
  • I think there s no clothe I wish more than a MKD-56.
    By the way , it s hard to believe that not enough ppl are asking a restock to make it happen …

    /pray 🙏

    Firstbreath Cyberstar on
  • Any news when the green ops jacket will be available again??

    Aldrin Malaguit on
  • Hey birdy,

    I’ve been watching your vlogs for a few years now even got some my mates to follow you (kiwis) and love your merchandise but you always seem to sell out so quickly and I’m so down for the jacket also so I’m hoping you’ll get enough interest and restock in near future.

    Louise on
  • Come back with the jacket!

    John on

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