Daredevil Season 3 Review

Daredevil Season 3 Review

Hi everyone, it's Jaffy here. I wasn't sure what to write for my first blog post but I did just recently finish the third season of Daredevil on Netflix, and it's still in everyone's minds, and so here we are. Be warned: this review has SPOILERS! Without further ado, my first post:

    Daredevil starts immediately after the events of The Defenders and wastes no time giving viewers a bird's eye view of Matt Murdock's situation. He's struggling with his beliefs in the same church/orphanage he grew up in, where we meet an important figure from his past, Sister Maggie. It only takes a few episodes for him to go back in the streets as his alter ego, a sign of the speedy pace the series goes at. Running parallel to this are Kingpin's in-prison machinations that eventually lead to his “release” (read: FBI-supervised stay at a hella nice penthouse). As the story unwinds we revisit Foggy and Karen's post-Matt lives up until their eventual reunion, and we also meet the new villain, Ben Pointdexter, aka Bullseye. His backstory, interestingly filmed in black and white, paints the story of a troubled kid with insane, murderous accuracy with baseballs growing up needing an authoritative figure to guide him. Undoubtedly, this leads to a plot involving him donning Daredevil's suit on Kingpin's orders to turn the public against the Man with No Fear.

    As intriguing a villain as Bullseye is, Kingpin is still the main antagonist, for better or worse. Wilson Fisk still straddles the line between frightening and comically villainous (the voice is a touch the latter), but you still believe in his motivations, which are first and foremost his love for Vanessa, who as we know was whisked away before Kingpin's imprisonment. As a whole, the third season of Daredevil is briskly paced with some hit-or-miss side trips exploring character backstories (hit being Bullseye's and Karen's being the miss and to be honest, a season late) but enjoyable nonetheless. The fight choreography is still fantastic, and seeing Matt meet his equal in terms of combat skill made for a fantastic mid-season confrontation. As the plot winds down, things get tense, and the last episode's plot kind of arrives a bit too fast. Nevertheless, the set up for future instalments of the series leave it on a good note (here's hoping!).


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