How to be in COMPLETE CONTROL of your life..

How to be in COMPLETE CONTROL of your life..

     Seriously. It really makes sense if you think about this kind of stuff. I will let you know now, mindset studies backed up by science is an amazing rabbit hole to go down.

     For now, long-story-short, I've changed my mind. For the past couple of months I have taken the time to re-evaluate my situations. Where I stand in my apparel business, how I feel with my emotions, and where I imagine I'm placed in a virtual world that demands validity in the form of "Likes and Dislikes". 

      I completely gave up forms of sitting in front of a box, other than the casual anime show on my laptop just to feed "the" creative. I rarely do Netflix at all, unless it's a new episode of Shark Tank or Dragon's Den (the Canadian equivalent). If anything, my pile of books on my nightstand are piling up faster than I can find new series' to watch, and I'm grateful. Lately I have just been focusing more on developing my mind and ultimately myself. Because I've never been in a position higher than where I am at today, it's hard for me to place a standard point on which I can base my actions. So I've turned to reading on a constant basis on areas in my life that I find I'm weak, and to YouTube's plethora of free seminars, and audio books. 

    The reason why I am writing this is because I came across a small coincidence in the way the following interviews speak on the subject of quantum realms and how we have full control of our life, yet a majority of humans just let their life flow on abiding to a set system. But in question, who set it up? In reality, the regular 9-5 system was developed for the working man during the industrial era. To this day it has become the system on how all of life revolves. 5 days through out the week on which we get up early, go through the system, come home to some "free time" and then sleep. That's just the gist. In relationships, and in interactions we have a fast way of thinking and this way is the quickest reaction based on our environment in retrospect. But if we take even the slightest bit of time to step into our mind before any reaction to both good and bad situations, we can configure the best and most rewarding decisions regularly, and thus live a fulfilling and rich life. The videos I present to you go deep into quantum physics but the more you listen to the reasons backed up by science, the more I hope you become aware of how true it is that you can alter your reality.

The first one is a small introduction to being the creator of different lives by Ed Mylett. How to consistently be growing for the better of your own self.

The second interview talk is between leading life coach Tony Robbins interviewing the Deepak Chopra, teaching what really shapes our lives on a scientific scale.

Third one is an interview on Impact Theory by Tom Bilyeu and Maston Kipp. The part about quantum realms and decision making starts at 12:00, but I highly suggest you give the whole video a listen. 


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