How to Lead a Successful Life.

How to Lead a Successful Life.

HELLO! I had a thought the other day. Maybe I should write more. Hence, I'm here. Sharing these thoughts.

What does it take to succeed in life? I mean everybody has their own personal level & definition of success. But I'm writing this more for my own sake. If you are here, hopefully you gain a little insight and appreciation from free knowledge. You've heard the cliche, we all know the true enemy that stops our most ambitious endeavors is Ourselves. You are your own worst enemy. And it's true. How far we get through a certain task or plan is dependent on two things; 1, your personal interest in that subject and 2, your own limiting beliefs. Apply these write ups, and blog posts in areas in your own life where you may be slacking.

How do you become successful? How do you define success?

It's simple, but it is not easy. And it's definitely no SECRET. Here is the damn process:

1. LIST YOUR GOALS //  physically write them down! Keeping them in your mind keeps them as a thought. You want to be utilizing multiple senses to better solidify the outcome.

2. ENCOUNTER PROBLEMS // That's it, it's inevitable. There will be problems so accept and don't complain. There is no way around it but the next step..

3. FIND THE ROOT CAUSE OF THE PROBLEM // Figure out why there is a problem in the first place.If you can't find any, then no problem! But if you do, then next step.

4. DESIGN A SOLUTION //  Find your resources, and play the game with a smile on your face.

5. FOLLOW THROUGH // Just keep going, at this point the one's that don't reach their goal are the ones that quit putting in the effort. It's that simple, but again may take a lot of damn effort, blood, sweat and tears and of course time.

[borrowed from RAY DALIO]

*It's not overnight*

      You define success by what you deem important to you, your main "why?". What motivates you to push through a strenuous work session even when times are tough or down. Sometimes you need to take 5 steps back to take 10 steps forward. & that's life. Everyone is comfortable staying in this linear wave of mediocrity because their environment has shaped them to conform to a traditional system that is completely broken. In this digital age, information is readily available at the click of a button, or in this case "touch". School is not for everyone, but the ones that come to figure this out sooner usually rely on sources that have been through that experience, in the entrepreneurial realm, this can be anything that gives you reliable information, a biography, a legitimate news article or even higher scale like a coach or mentor.  Between you and me though, this stuff is actually free online too. But SHHHHHH.

    Be Proactive. Be Productive. Be Present. Be patient. Be Persistent. Be Prepared. Be passionate. Be playful. Be Positive.

Some key lessons

- Trade expectation for appreciation

- Don't let yourself be dictated by your environment

- A negative attitude towards others will never bring you success.

- Don't Let other's opinions control you.

- Find a positive connotation towards money

- Be obsessed with the outcome

- Don't be an asshole =)


Have a wonderful start to your 2020 right meow!!!

Help bring it to reality, write some of your goals down in the comments below =)

- Birdy Bird


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  • Author image
    Josh B.: December 22, 2019

    “Don’t let other’s opinions control you.” No matter where I am or what I’m doing, I always come across some form of this statement and it’s always refreshing to hear. Throughout my college career, I’ve been told by peers and professors that following a grid and making “clean design” is always the best and most effective way to create anything in graphic design. Sometimes I pull it off effectively with my perfectionist mindset, but I’m usually never happy with it because it’s something made for what everyone else likes. But it’s always great coming across information like what you’ve written out because it opens up new eyes and gets me back on my feet to keep pushing towards ideas that are more of my own!

    Thank you for this great read man! You’re always an inspiration (:


  • Author image
    Adam 'Scribbles' Renshaw: December 21, 2019

    I completely agree with all of this, and its honestly made me realise a few things, however my Uni teachers seem to think every piece has to have meaning and that “Nobody wants a drawing of a Pikachu”, They’re put off by pencil artwork and want stuff more graphical, but im studying Illustration, I want to continue to get my degree, plus I’ve met some amazing friends there, but a lot of the work i do is based on the work i know they like, which makes me not like it more, Hopefully some of this will sink in and help me start to like my artwork more!

    An inspiration as always!

  • Author image
    Sunny Singh: December 21, 2019

    I appreciate you! Thank you Birdy 😁

  • Author image
    Oliver Tuffen : December 21, 2019

    Thank you so much for this buddy I’m struggling in these areas where I feel I am not good enough with my art and that it will take me nowhere ! This has been a great read and I look forward to more in the future you should make videos on this stuff too !
    Many thanks
    Oliver Tuffen

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