Hey Kings & Queens! Firstly, we are sorry that these hoodies have not yet been sent out. I want to take this opportunity to apologize for the long wait for the KID LIFE CRISIS Gear; Green KMR Zip Up & Gold Team Racing Jackets. Putting ourselves in your shoes, the lack of communication from our us and also the overly long wait time is no excuse. You have invested your time and money on our merch and what it comes down to is we should be doing better to get the items to you as soon as possible. We truly do want you to have the items.
In between transitions, and closing down shop, reprioritizing the customer service part of our business has become our motivating force. Also losing our main Instagram account for our apparel/brand, has made it hard for us to update you all on a regular basis.
Because custom cut & sew factories are hard to come by in Canada, our apparel is created overseas.
Because custom cut & sew factories are hard to come by in Canada, our apparel is created overseas.
The hoodies have since been completed and are waiting to be shipped off from our suppliers. The rate of shipping has doubled and tripled in price, especially after the pandemic. We we're forced to look at other options, and have selectively kept pushing back the actual delivery dates.




The next question is when will you receive your hoodies?? We are going to bite the bullet and choose the air shipping to get the products finally in our hands. This will take place in the next 2-3 weeks and the plan is to make sure the hoodies arrive in time for FALL season.
Again, we really appreciate the trust and support for those who have stayed patient. We also apologize sincerely to those who we're expecting quick turn around time but then was just kept in the dark for weeks at a time. We have no intention for ever mistreating our supporters so hopefully this clears up the whereabouts of the KID LIFE CRISIS w'22 hoodie pre-orders.
FOR THOSE WAITING | Although it doesn't make up for the time you've waited, we will be adding in some bonus items to the pre-order packages. If you still do have any questions regarding your order, you'll have no problems taking to us through





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    Edwin suba : October 30, 2022

    Hello I was wondering how can I buy the gold jacket thanks

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