M56 x KMR 'Cybernetic Jaw'

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The ‘Mandibone Frame’ DF-G1/OG’ [Cybernetic Jaw]      LIMITED 60/60

This Cybernetic Jaw is the international project influenced from robot suit design. Conceived and constructed by the Machine 56 Corp. to resemble the human species’ lower jaw, evoking the concept of Cyborg Metal Gear. Behind two areas of the upper face (both left and right) are concealed industrial magnets. These are strong enough to hold the top protective face with the lower frame section of the Mandibone.


Supply Package Contents:

  • Mandibone Frame’ DF-G1/OG [2 parts]
  • Machine 56 Decals + D5060 Decal Set
  • Gold paper certificate. numbered/signed for Authenticity


Demon plates prototype series [original variant: RED]. Limited Art piece 5060 half-mask. Straps based on the frame of the jaw allow the wearer to adjust fitment for complete comfort. Available in limited quantities in KMR Variant colorway [60 Worldwide]. Intelligently sculpted, built using a high standard polymer and handcrafted with detail. The process alone was strenuous to say the least, close to the same complexity as designing a full bone helm.



Details: Face plate parts include Magnet Lock Tech. Premium leather cuts with laser pressed liner combined with rugged head strapping for size versatility.


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