Machine 56 x Kings Must Rise

Machine 56 x Kings Must Rise

After coming across his work on Deviantart, and then stumbling upon his instagram, I came to be a fan of everything that comes out of the M56 studio. His nonconventional approach to vector art, and introducing machine and robotisation in his art explified his interests in video game and anime culture. The work had the sense of gundam, but also had an original atmosphere which was refreshing. After falling in love with his work, and purchasing one of the M56 collectable wearable arts, I made a new friend, and gained a new mentor. Years down our instagram relation, we decided it was time to get into contact for a new project. The crosspromotion is never a bad thing, but the.

This is the aftermath of two worlds colliding. Highly impressed by the unique style and futuristic approach of M56 to vector art and streetwear, there was no doubt the combination of the two brands would fit together. 

The collaboration project was always in the back-burner.


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