New Year, Same Ambitions..

New Year, Same Ambitions..

     When we talk about work, we think about efficiency. What can we do as a humans to help us further our crafts in the fastest way possible, and how do we develop the ambition to evolve from our past self? Simply, we can move forward and just do things with little concern for consequence. Sometimes the best stories are the ones that aren't written, but lived.

     This year the team and I have decided to go for a more conventional look for our website. Here you will find out what the KMR Collective is up too, where they are situated at the moment, and what new projects are to be expected from all of us. 

     The axiom will explain who we are, where we come from as designers and and who we intend to be. Our merchandise section is where you will find most of the items we sell from stickers to apparel, and other varied jdm/automotive goodies.

The kreative section is where you get to see our process, and our newest creations and prototypes. First hand look into our process and the way we carry ourselves. You will find DIYs and anything else that could be moderately helpful in your daily journey.

     The Blog, keeps you more up to date. We will have all members post here and not just me =).

Fan Feature, every week we select one supporters to share on our website and on our social media channels. Be sure to tag #LostRoyalty or #kingsmustrise to be selected in one of our future features.

FAQs, most frequently asked questions. Just for those who have a common concerns that are looking for answers asap. For any other inquiries be sure to email us at 

For now, Happy New Years! For the KMR collective, we are looking to expand our reach, to establish a more stable foundation for our brand on a global scale. I truly hope that this coming year brings exciting new prospects to all the dreamers out there. 


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