Pokemon Go Grandpa Catches 'Em All!!

Pokemon Go Grandpa Catches 'Em All!!


Pokemon go grandpa!?

Want to know what being efficient with life looks like? Meet Chen San-yuan, the modern day Proffesor Oak that uses technology, and his love for Pokemon to create a inspiring and ironically healthy lifestyle. 

"After a month, it became three cellphones, six cellphones, nine cellphones, 12 and then 15.."

     Chen said he has spent a little more than $4800 and he spends about $300 a month on in game rewards. All thanks to his Grandson who let him in on the game back in 2016.

     He uses 15 phones that are attached to a DIY rig that is fastened to the front of his bike. The reasoning behind his multi-level playing is the fact that he is able to accelerate his capture rate and leveling. But having several phones on at once all consistently running an app must be draining on the battery, no? Neh, he carries battery packs that recharge all of his phones. A true trainer that not only looks ahead (at 15 screens at once), but also thinks ahead.

     Pokemon Go, developed by Nintendo Co in a collaborative effort with the game makers Niantic Inc, has been a tremendous aid in the introduction of the technology of augmented reality, where objects and/or characters are superimposed on the real world on the screen.

Chen's fellow players are amazed at his energy. He doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon, and with the new games Piakchu and Eevee Go, this hole movement seems like it's just starting to flourish.

Oh what a world we live I today.




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