The Chosen Few // WEKFEST JAPAN 2017

The Chosen Few // WEKFEST JAPAN 2017

     The car scene in Japan is something unreal. Being heavily influenced by the anime/manga Initial D, it was always a dream of mine to visit Japan for it's car culture. A car show dedicated to bringing the highest top quality cars from all over japan under one roof was a blessed experience. So much inspiration coming into the venue, and of course I had my fair share leaving too.

      The Wekfest Japan show took place in Port Messe, Nagoya. The venue is a masterwork in and of itself, and it's architectural & spacious design complimented the cars that occupied the place.

      For being my first major car show, it was a lot to take in. Not to mention, being able to see the cars that Japan had to offer. A place in which many automotive enthusiasts inspire from, from the subculture of itasha (the decoration of car livery taking influences from video game and manga) to the obnoxious stylings of innovative japanese design and chimerical stanced one offs. Mainly I was excited to see this countries car culture, and what it meant to have to have spirit. 

     One of my favorite cars, and I'm being bias, was the very first FRS with the newly redesigned Rallybacker Widebody kit. Although the version 2 had similar features to it's predecessor, being a Rallybacker owner myself, I could  notice the differences and why I believe they were made. First off, the Rallybacker kit v1 is a very aggressive kit bringing the front flares out 55mm and the rear 75mm. The version 2 however brings the rear quarter panels out an extra 10mm. One of the main changes can be made with the side skirt's front area where their is a connection which was never in the first version. They also added a side duct which covers a portion of where the stock body and the side panel meet. All in all, this kit was a treat to be able to see up close.

     Aside from being in the country at the same time as one of the more prestigious car shows in the world, we were blessed enough to have one of our local Lost Royalty team members showing his one-of-a-kind cars in the show. Kei was kind enough to meet up with us in Nagoya for the first couple days, and his vehicle is just as outstanding and unique as many of the other entries in the venue. 


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