Street style ninja complex. Introducing my neoteric approach to this thing we call street wear. I set out to design a simple set of clothes to test out our options. Although my rough pencil drafts and digital renderings we're enough to give Yuky (YKSOUS) an idea of where my style mindset comes from, the rest of the production was left to his artistry. I am more towards fitted goth-ninja type clothing, and it is exemplified in YKSOUS' work. There were plenty of additional details that surprised me when I received the prototype, which just iterated how beautiful the end product is when two artists show passion in their work. 

    I worked on a more elaborate and fully custom Green Hoodie, which is almost referable to a medieval robin hood tunic, comes with a built in mouth cover perfect for cold days. The sweater reminds me more of a villain character, opposite of the green hoodie. Much lighter of a choice for outer wear. The sweatpants are actually Kings Must Rise's first pair ever put into production and features an over flap that hides the pockets. Both top wear pioneers a scorpion back, which offers comfort when sitting down on a hard surfaced chair.

Please visit YKSOUS.COM to get more details, or to purchase the collaboration set.

YKSOUS Excerpt // 

Kings Must Rise ” KMR ” and YKSOUS present X Series.
X Series is Collabs Project from Founder KMR ” Birdy ” based at Canada and Yuky Founder YKSOUS based at Indonesia.

First Catalogue X seriea take Reference Combine our Different Style ” Goth and Ninja ” and present Fashion Art work ” DARK KAGE ” . KAGE come from Jappanese Language means a Shadow And Carrying the concept of Ninjitsu ” Style.

Acquired the philosophy of “Scorpion”. Scorpion can adapt,attack and Survive wherever they are. Scorpion can survive 1 year without eating a bit. Scorpion can still attack Quickly even a state of rest. they belong to the class of Nocturnal ( active mainly during at night. The poison can kill 1000 times its weight.

He we are present first our X series Collabs Project. “DARK KAGE OF SCORPION”


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