SLEEK CELICA (@straydriver)

SLEEK CELICA (@straydriver)
      Hey y'all! My name is Dave and i am from the Netherlands. I drive a 2000 VVTI Toyota Celica T23. Since i bought my Celica around 2 years ago i am very excited to get my car where i wanted it to be. It was bought second hand from an owner who had it for over 10 years. He modified the car a little bit, bodykit, new widen front fenders, some tracky wheels, cold air intake, lowering springs and he won a whole rockford fosgate music system with a proffesional install on facebook.
     After i had it for like half a year i bought some winter wheels with winter tires because it can be very bad weather in the netherlands at winter time. On the interior i did some basics like shiftknob (it was a large katana sword), new dubbeldin android head unit and a NRG aftermarket steering wheel. After my birthday i installed new aftermarket "Spec D" headlights.
     After the winter time i got myself some new wheels, they are Lenso BSX 18 inch front 8,5J rear 9J with 215 35 R18 Nangkang NS20 (sport) tires. I customised the wheels a little bit, i drilled all the little rivets out (no they arent bolts) and bought new ones from After i received the new rivets i painted them the color green and put them in the wheels. After the wheels i got myself a imitation TRD front bumper that i got in a bad condition. I did most of the poly and sanding myself to get it where i wanted it and painted it myself. 
     After i had put on my front bumper i had to buy myself a front bumper lip because it was too high up when you look at the front bumper/side skirt. I ordered myself a easy lip pro from, it was recommended by some Celica dudes and i needed to try it! I mounted my license plate on the front bumper, added the mesh and when my front bumper lip was in i installed that one too. After this i installed green Takata 4 point harnesses on my stock seats. Meanwhile i had made myself a custom 3 gauge pillar. The pillar was made for the celica but i was bend and i coudn't fit it anymore so i went on a fibreglass project and made myself a custom one from the bended gauge pillar, i even added a nice microphone opening on the upper part. 
     My car is not where i wanted it to be and i have enough plans for this car.
My plans are, getting some fitting spacers to get that fitment on point, wraping my headlights with tint, installing my hella horns, getting myself green NRG aftermarket steering wheel with NRG green quick release, big rear mounted GT wing and some interior ideas. For the long term i want to boost the car and build my whole motor to run daily like 300 HP.
     I hope you guys loved this feature about my Toyota Celica! you can follow my build on my instagram @straydriver and on my youtube channel "Strayminded"

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