The Kreative Process

Research // Rinse // Refine // Repeat
     The street wear era has changed tremendously in recent years, and the industry is flourishing with solo creatives and budding underground brands. To set yourself apart from the others was always the end goal, but in a generation where all ideas have probably been taken, how does a brand develop it's own uniqueness? Here is a small insight on our trails and how we process our clothing, from scratch.
// YKSOUS x KMR Sweatpants Ver.1 (2017)

     Preparation is key. Absorbing information by taking influences from other streetwear brands and obscuring clothing styles in our own image. To many brands reputation is everything, so we go back to the iterations. The way we reach a final product is an iterative process. There is a lot of going back and forth, and plenty of scratching out ideas completely.  The more drafts we come up with the more possibilities we are handed. And once we are in this environment, we can start to narrow down our work. We figured the best way to begin a clothing line was to contact local suppliers and pick from their brains. Once we were a little more knowledgeable in the area of building a clothing brand, we figured it'd be beneficial to fund test samples. Throwing out prototypes was our in to expanding our business.

At the second stage of design, we elaborate. Our team selects a topic that holds representational sentiment to our own visions, gathering influence from the culture we’ve grown up in. The idea is to let our rough drafts incubate, later coming back to those percolated ideas and expanding. For us, levels of success become stratified when we become to concerned with meeting terms. So we rarely rely on going with the current. We believe in longevity. To enforce a sort of impact through our street wear through indiscreet loudness. Having our products speak for themselves in our absence.  This could mean facing a certain truth or pulling from the very society of events and politics. As long as it serves the purpose of being worn but also being shown. Wearable art if you will. 

 KMR Racing Gloves Proto. 1  // Release Date: TBA

 Know Our Value //


    We look closely at our material selection because we believe in longevity. We combine traditional fabric with unconventional aesthetic, drawing influences from video game costume design to anime subculture. We prefer garments to not only exude artistry and commendable difference, but we also consider fit and comfort to be the most important criteria for KMR apparel. Our subjective specifications transfer to our concept and we begin to evaluate which fibers to go with, and what textiles would go well with our upcoming designs and next collections. As artists, the designers at Kings Must Rise ™ are Detail oriented, and very analytical from the preliminary stages all throughout.

     Because we’ve had experience in retail from working in the industry, then evolving to a home-based business & square one with the basics, we have a clear sense of where fashion trend is heading. From in home iron on heat transfers & Walmart shirts to hand picking the materials and delving into cut-and-sew. We aim for fitted clothing with a culture infused aesthetic, but also believe in comfortability and the needs of our consumer.

Why GREEN? //

Simply because it is the color of life.