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    Now offering Graphics Design & Artwork rendering as well as full Vehicle Wrap services at The KMR gallery!


    Full Vehicle & Partial (Livery) Wraps

    Have you ever wanted to change the color of your car but lacked the funds or couldn't find a trusting car painter? This is your affordable option. We can turn your vision into reality in some cases less than a day or two. From full custom art designed livery jobs to simple color changes, we got you covered (literally). Below are some price points for a rough idea at how much you are looking to spend.


      Smaller Jobs /Decal Installations/ Chrome Trim Blackout  varies between $200 - $500

      Regular Gloss/Satin Wrap Finish starts as low as $950 - $2000 (not including the wrap)

     Chrome & Other  Specialty  Finishes vary between $3500 – 5000 (including wrap)


         Our wraps start as low as $950 for the smaller partial jobs and lower end coupes, but depending on the material can go up to $2500 (CAD) for a standard sedan (Full Wrap). Feel free to email us at for Estimated quotes. Prices will vary depending on car and on job description.

         Inquiry for complete custom design work can also be sent to this page. This means custom livery art or logo work to be placed onto cars or to be used for business.

    We work closely with you to make sure your car fits your uniqenuess!

         In-store meeting // Personal consultations with our clients to ensure quality work and to get exactly what is wanted out of the job. With a team that is primarily art driven, the physical look of a car is important to us. You will be working with seasoned creatives when it comes to designing your special car livery.

    DISCLAIMER:  THESE ARE GENERAL LABOR PRICES. Proper pricing received after evaluation.


    ★       ★       ★       ★       ★


    Midas Touch Detailing (Starting at $200)

    ★   We take great care of our cars and take pride in keeping them in floor room condition. We have experience in trade shows & making sure our cars are sparkling inside and out is one of our main disciplines.  

        Our team handles show cars on a regular basis and know what kind of cars will need what type of treatment. Below are some of the jobs we cover and a price base.

    King Treatment // ($200)

    • Detailed Car Wash (Exterior, Glass and Wheels)
    • Full Vacuum
    • Trim Restore
    • Fabric and Leather treatment

    Full Royalty Treatment // ($250)

    • All the above
    • Larger Vehicles (Vans/trucks)
    • Detailer and Wax
    • Steam Disinfection

    We make sure to handle your car as if it we’re our own, and full detailing jobs are completed same day on most occasions.  Email us at for more info!


    ★       ★       ★       ★       ★



    Graphics / Design / Art Commission


         Have you ever had an idea, but lacked the creative ability to transfer that said idea onto paper?  The KMR Gallery now offers custom design work for all of your art needs whether it be for a logo for a new business venture, art related commission and car livery design, or even just need a push in the right direction to get started on their vision. Our team will have you covered keeping you up to date with progress pictures, from the starting rough drafts to a finished digital file that will be ready for print and web purposes.

    Please inquiry through email at

    • Preliminary sketches and rough drafts (by page or hourly)

    Prior consultation to get a better sense of the client’s idea. The quick meeting is to ideate and get even a small rough started. This process is to ensure both parties see eye to eye and a rough design can be created by the end of the session.

    • Digitization of Rough (hourly)

    We take the time to prepare your refined drafts and finalize a file that is crisp, clean and ready for printing. (Approx Time – 2-4 hours depending the art being digitized, color, linework, etc,..)

    • Stickers/Banner Design

    We cover art for brands looking for a unique perspective. We can also take care of printing with an additional fee.

    For more details about art commissions, please vist

    ( Commission Slots are periodically released at )


    ★       ★       ★       ★       ★


    Photography & Video Work

    ( More details coming soon. )

    -  Website / Promotion

    -  Portfolio Building